How to select the best food processor?

Before selecting the right gadget for your kitchen let’s see what actually a food processor is. Simply speaking, a food processor is a machine with a large blade that processes food without requiring any liquid to breakdown vegetables, nuts, grains, or any other form of food.  Food processors are of great use for making bread dough, grinding spices, chopping salsa ingredients, and for preparing baby food. In order to get more information on how to make baby food, read best way to make baby food on the internet.

Before heading to the store, one must consider the following features in order to ensure that the best food processor is selected as per the needs of the buyer:


Generally,  food processors come with only a single motor speed however; sophisticated models also offer a pulse feature that enables quick powerful impulses for crushing hard foods.  In addition to speed, other features like dish washer safety and easy cleaning should also be considered while selecting the best food processor.


The needs of the buyer should be strictly considered while taking into account the power of the food processor.  If the food processor is being purchased for handling tough jobs like preparing energy balls, kneading stiff dough, and making nut butter; it is wise to invest in a model with 600 watts minimum.  Models having lower power might not combine or chop uniformly.


Before deciding upon the right food processor, one must assess the storage capacity and the typical servings prepared. The size of food processors range from small three-cup processors to twenty-cup ones that generally are required in restaurant kitchens.

Attachments and Extras:

A number of food processors are presented with an entire array of accessories for enhancing the buyer’s usability. These accessories might well include blades and bowls in different sizes and a range of disks for grating and slicing foods in varying thickness. Some food processors also have speed settings and attachments that turn them into a bread dough kneader or citrus juicer. Prior to making the buying decision one must consider whether these extra features would be beneficial for the user or not.

Price and Brand:

Consumer ratings and test-kitchen have consistently rated KitchenAid and Cuisinart the highest for their food processors however; they are also the most expensive ones. Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach are considered to be the secondary brands which offer various some interesting accessories and functions but not as powerful motors as those offered by KitchenAid and Cuisinart.

Overall, the selection for the best food processor greatly depends on the needs of the buyer and the budget allocated by the buyer. One must carefully assess and match the features of the food processor with the requirements and needs of the user to maximize the benefits offered by the food processor while staying within the buyer’s pre decided price range.

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