What are the Different Types of Massage Chairs Available to You?

Have you ever felt the strong urge to sit in the best massage chair while visiting a furniture store? I know I have. But let me tell you if you give into the urge and actually sit in the chair you won’t be able to resist yourself from buying it and bringing it home. It is, after all, so very comfortable! When you do finally decide that you need a massage chair in your home for some relaxation and comfort, do not buy the one that looks the coolest. There are many things you need to consider since they are so many kinds of best massage chairs available in the market. To make your choice easier, we have laid out all the options available for you:

Full body massage chairs:

The most popular variety available among the massage chair types are the full body massage chairs. When you sit in it and select a massage setting, the chair will instantly begin to massage your entire body giving you the most relaxing experience you would have ever had. The massage begins at your neck going all the way up to your calves and feet. The modern full body massage chairs will even have mechanisms incorporated in the arm rest to massage your shoulders and hands.

Ottoman massage chairs:

If the full body massage chairs are out of your budget, do not worry. The ottoman massage chair that we will discuss now are the budget-friendly options which are almost as comfortable but will not cover your entire body in the massage. They are also the more viable option if you have a limited space where you cannot install a full body massage chair. These chairs will typically include an ottoman, as the name suggests, so that you can lift up your feet for some extra comfort.

Heated massage chairs:

Heated massage chairs are another category of massage chairs which include heating pads in their design to deliver heat therapy. If you are experiencing muscle stiffness or pain, a heated massage chair is an excellent option for you since heat therapy has proven to speed up the healing process.

Air massage chairs:

Air massage chairs are just as comfortable as all of the other types of massage chairs that are available but they use a slightly different technique to massage your body. Instead of electrical tools incorporated in the construction of the chair, these particular massage chairs will include a bunch of air bags which expand and contract to create a soft massage to relax your entire body.

Now that you have an idea what each type of massage chair is capable of delivering, you can easily pick the best massage chair for yourself and i found this site was helpful for reading reviews of top brands. Whichever massage chair you choose, one thing that is for sure is that you can come back home after a long tiring day and throw yourself in your favorite chair to leave all the worries and stress behind.  We hope you find a great massage chair!

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